Author: andras.palfi

Design Patterns and Principles

Introduction This article is a cheat sheet of the most used design patterns and principles. This was not made to teach you. This was made to make you remember what you already understood. Basic definitions Several design patterns based on the following Wrapper Hold a reference to another object. Sometimes it means the owner manages […]

Singleton – the Anti-Pattern

Avoid to use the Singletons – if possible Everybody knows the singleton pattern. If you want to allow in an app to use only one instance of an object you implement a static/class method which provides the instance for the caller and deny any other allocation. While there are situations where this is the only […]

ObjC Properties vs iVars

About property and iVar usage in init/dealloc methods. Technically one use properties if he wants to publish a member. Make it accessible and/or modifiable without exposing the structure of the class. Properties also allows you to run a code (accessors) when the property is set (setter method) or get (getter method) by someone. Since Xcode […]