Author: andras.palfi

macOS error: cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

With macOS Cataline some nice new safe feature appeared. Apple always try to defend users from malicious softwares. Unfortunately this can cause several “safe” apps and tools won’t work any more. If the message appears “cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified” you have allow somehow to run that app. In general you […]

Strange UIAlertView crash

On iOS8+ presenting an AlertView can lead to a crash: NSInternalInconsistencyException what you cannot really catch. Spending quite some time around this I realized the issue comes when the keyboard is open. Closing the keyboard (endEditing) solves the issue. I also found a good thread about this at stackoverflow  

Strange issues with certificates on iOS

Good to know: in case of HTTPS/SSL/TLS connection iOS devices cache the used certificate. The side effect come along when you create (get) certificate at runtime and try to use them to connect to a server. The first time you get the certificate challenge, but not the second time – at least if you try […]

const pointer to const memory… what?

After several years I found lots of people – and me 🙂 – still confused about the pointer declarations – if it contains some const keyword somewhere. So const char * or char const * or char * const still confusing. To keep it simple: read it backward as this excellent post describes: Clockwise/Spiral rule So: const char * is equivalent […]