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macOS error: cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified

With macOS Cataline some nice new safe feature appeared. Apple always try to defend users from malicious softwares. Unfortunately this can cause several “safe” apps and tools won’t work any more. If the message appears “cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified” you have allow somehow to run that app. In general you […]

iOS mock framework for unit tests

Mock objects are objects which behave like another business objects, but they don’t do more than you need to test a unit. For example they response with a static data. Mock frameworks gives you the ability to define dynamically mock objects in the test method rather than define them in separate classes. The mock object […]

ObjC advanced static code analyzer

There is a built in code analyzer in Xcode but unfortunately it’s not that we really need. It doesn’t check complexity, method sizes etc. This was one of the missing features till now because fortunately there is a good one out already: OCLint ( Unfortunately there is still no correct Xcode project file read support […]