Enabling AirDrop – if it doesn’t work

Have you ever experienced that the AirDrop doesn’t work while it definitely should work? Two computers cannot see each other?

Ok, first check some cases – on both machines:

  1. You have a Mac OS X Lion OS installed
  2. wifi is turned on
  3. both machines has to have an opened Finder window and the AirDrop should be selected. If you move the selection form AirDrop on any of the machines it breaks the connection.
    How to select AirDrop: 

    1. It should be on the SideBar – open SideBar (View Menu). If it’s not there add it
    2. Select it by mouse/trackpad or keyboard: Cmd+Shift+R (works from almost everywhere in Lion)

If you checked everything and still cannot active (or select) the AirDrop than perhaps you have to enable it:

  1. open the terminal
  2. type the following and press enter:
    defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1
  3. restart AirDrop: Alt+Cmd+Esc – in the popup select Finder, press Relaunch

I hope this will help for you.