Viewing a Viewcontroller of a Storyboard in several device aspects at the same time

The preferred way to design a viewcontroller is using storyboard and use autolayout.
To help to set up the layouts properly and at the same time visible check the result open more device layouts in preview mode – it is the best moving it to a separate window.
Here are the steps:

  • Open the storyboard (click on it in the project) I suggest to open it in a separate window (double-click)
  • Menu/View/Assistant editor/Show the Assistant editor
  • I suggest to hide the left part by dragging the divider as left as you can – you cannot close it but we don’t need it right now 🙂
  • Open the (same) storyboard in the Assistant editor: on the top click the icon with the four rectangle and select the User interfaces and the storyboard
  • Now click on the same icon and you will find a Preview menu, select the proper storyboard
  • Wow, you will se the preview of the selected viewcontroller in aspect of one of the devices.
  • at the bottom there is a + sign, click and open other devices
  • Selecting and already presented device it will be presented in landscape mode! You can also switch between the landscape/portrait mode moving the cursor above the device and clicking the rotate icon at the bottom of the device