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Blocks in Objective-C

Blocks in Objective-C Quick overview Blocks are the closure pattern implementation in Objective-C.¬†Blocks are objects containing code like a method but blocks are standalone objects (not belonging to a specific class/instance) encapsulating and capturing the code and variables enclosed in the beginning and closing brackets. You declare a block type or variable this way: returnType […]

Allocate Swift objects from Objective-C

Using mixed projects you can face with several challenging situations. One of them is the allocation of Swift objects in ObjC code. The general problem that Swift objects doesn’t have an¬†alloc method which is used to allocate the memory in ObjC ([[SwiftClass alloc] init]). To access the Swift object you should prefix it with¬†@objc¬†–¬†or subclass […]

If TextEdit makes your files wrong

From Mavericks ¬†theMAC OS X¬†embedded default text editor tool, the TextEdit uses autocorrection by default so replaces your correct characters to funny ones. This is getting more funny when you open and edit a JSON file for example. And you¬†won’t realize what went wrong a quite long time ūüôā So, just switch it¬†off: Apple symbol […]

Coding Guidelines

General The main reason of this document is to help to achieve a clean code, which is: Readable: easily understandable – by other developers Maintainable: easily changeable by other developers as well Flexible: can be extended and add new functionality Testable: can be unit testable ‚Äď where other classes are mocked even if the classes […]

iOS/ObjC Interview Questions

General programming questions OOP basics: what is a class, interface, instance variable, methods, static (class) methods vs instance methods. Header vs implementation files What is a process, thread design patterns and principles blackbox vs whitebox testing differences? unit testing? integration testing? regression testing? what is continuous integration? difference between stack/heap General ObjC [expand title=”What do […]